Why Preventive Care Is Important

When you are trying to stay healthy, preventive care is the key. Preventive medicine is all about keeping you out of the hospital and the emergency room. Preventive care can help you achieve optimal health. Your osteopathic doctor is an expert at illness and disease prevention and can help you live your best life.

What You Need To Know About Preventive Care

Preventive care begins with routine physicals and medical visits. During these appointments, your osteopathic doctor will:

  • Perform a comprehensive physical examination
  • Record your blood pressure, heart rate, and other baseline information
  • Order necessary lab work to monitor blood sugar, cholesterol levels, and other important information
  • Order necessary imaging studies to assess any musculoskeletal problems or injuries

Preventive care also includes routine vaccinations, which are excellent ways to prevent serious illnesses and diseases. Your osteopathic doctor can provide vaccinations for:

  • Flu
  • Pneumonia
  • Shingles

Prescribing medications is also a vital part of preventive care provided by your osteopathic doctor. Some of the most common medications your osteopathic doctor can prescribe include medications to:

  • Lower blood pressure
  • Manage cholesterol
  • Manage blood sugar

Your osteopathic doctor is also uniquely qualified to provide information, guidance, and counseling about lifestyle changes to prevent illness and disease, and help you live your best life. Your osteopathic doctor can help you with:

  • Quitting smoking and using tobacco products
  • Limiting alcohol consumption
  • Developing healthy meal plans to manage your weight
  • Developing an exercise program designed to increase strength, flexibility, and balance
  • Managing stress to improve mood, help you relax, and aid in your overall wellness

Preventive care from your osteopathic doctor can help you enjoy excellent health no matter what your age. Preventive care can help you establish healthy habits you can keep for your lifetime.

Want To Know More?

To learn more about the importance of preventive care and how it can help you stay healthy, talk with your osteopathic doctor today.

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