Understanding Osteopathic Medicine: What it is and How it Works

When it comes to taking care of your body, it’s important to understand that you aren’t just a series of symptoms, but a whole being. Your doctor should understand that and not just try to manage your symptoms but understand the root cause of the problem and how it can be treated. Osteopathic medicine sees you as an entire person and osteopaths study to help you live the best life possible with as little pain as possible.

How Osteopathic Medicine Helps You

Osteopathic medicine is designed to help treat the root cause of your issues instead of just focusing on what your symptoms are. Treating your symptoms may only be a temporary relief and your osteopath is trained to help relieve pain on a long-term basis. Your entire body is connected, and pain may not always be caused by an issue in that specific area and your osteopath understands that.

Osteopathic medicine uses many different holistic approaches to help relieve your pain. Osteopathic methods are typically noninvasive and are a great way to avoid needing surgery to correct your issues. Osteopathic medicine can help you deal with pain in almost every area of your body.

A common aspect of osteopathic medicine is osteopathic manipulative treatment. This is when your doctor physically manipulates parts of your body with their hands. They can gently move muscles or joints to help relieve pain and better balance your body. When you’re dealing with back pain or other issues like arthritis and breathing problems, osteopathic manipulative treatment can help relieve these issues and help lessen some of the tension that may be in your body.

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