Top Techniques Used in Osteopathy

Osteopathy is a type of care that focuses on a person as a whole instead of a series of symptoms. Osteopathic medicine is patient-centered and is designed to look at lifestyle and environmental factors instead of just the symptoms. Each person is different and should be treated with a unique approach. There are specific techniques used in osteopathy to help treat your body and improve your quality of life.

The Top Osteopathic Techniques

An osteopath uses their hands to help treat your body in various ways. Osteopathy uses a mixture of gentle and forceful techniques to help restore normal function and stability to your joints and encourage your body to use natural ways of healing itself. Your osteopath will determine what techniques will work best after discussing your lifestyle and symptoms.

Often, massage is used in osteopathy. Massage can help release and relax muscles. This gets rid of tension that might be built up and can release any stress that might be manifesting in different areas of your body. Your osteopath can also stretch out stiff joints. This also works to relieve tension and create relaxation throughout the body.

Articulation is when your joints are moved through their natural range of motion. This helps your osteopath determine where your pain is and can help them target pain and eventually increase your range of motion.

High-velocity thrusts are short and sharp movements that are applied to the spine. This can create a clicking noise. This helps to relieve tension that is built up in the spine and can cause pain and restrict blood flow throughout your body.

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