Mind-Body Connection: The Role of Osteopathic Medicine in Managing Stress and Anxiety

Dealing with stress and anxiety can have big impact on your life. When you aren’t able to manage this stress, it can cause further stress and anxiety, leading to a never-ending cycle. It’s important to have a strong connection between your mind and body so that you’re able to use one to balance the other and keep your anxiety in check. Osteopathic medicine focuses on manipulating the body and looking at it as entire being instead of a series of symptoms.

Dealing with Stress Through Osteopathic Medicine

Your osteopath can help you make a stronger connection to your mind and body and give you tools to manage stress and anxiety in your daily life. Stress can give you headaches, issues breathing, tension in your shoulders, and an increase in sweating. It can also cause tightness in different areas throughout your body, which can lead to further pain.

Instead of struggling with your stress and anxiety, your osteopath can help you find manageable ways to deal your stress and relieve any symptoms that might come along with it. Your osteopath can walk you through breathing techniques when you’re dealing with stress and anxiety and help you find an outlet, instead of letting it fester and cause pain.

Your osteopath can also use manipulation techniques to target areas where stress might build up and cause tension. When you find relief from this tension, you might find that you’re able to breathe easier and it’s a weight off your shoulders. Your doctor can also recommend some exercises that you can do at home to help with posture and other issues that might cause further tension when you’re dealing with added stress and anxiety.

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Stress can cause physical symptoms, which can add extra anxiety on the situation. Contact your osteopath to learn more about how osteopathic medicine can help you manage the stress and anxiety in your life.

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