Sports Injuries and Osteopathy: Rehabilitation and Performance Enhancement

Sports are great for keeping you in shape. Unfortunately, playing a sport can also lead to experiencing a sports injury, especially if you are not in good physical condition, or you are new to the sport. Your osteopathic doctor can help you heal from a sports injury and even enhance your sports performance so you can achieve peak fitness levels in your sport.

How Your Osteopathic Doctor Can Help With a Sports Injury

Osteopathic medicine is all about prevention, so your osteopathic medicine doctor can:

  • Talk with you about choosing the appropriate gear to wear to prevent sports injuries
  • Demonstrate stretches and gentle exercises to keep you loose and flexible to prevent sports injuries
  • Discuss starting out slowly, especially if you are trying a new sport, to prevent sports injuries

If you experience a sports injury, your osteopathic doctor can help you heal and recover, by providing services like these:

  • Diagnostic procedures, including imaging studies, to determine the type and extent of your injury
  • Treatment options, which can include physical therapy, medications to reduce swelling and pain, exercises and stretches, and surgery to restore or repair damaged bones, tendons, ligaments, and muscles
  • Rehabilitation plans, including physical therapy, strength training, therapeutic massage, thermal therapies, and other methods to get you moving well again

When you have healed and fully recovered from a sports injury, you may be thinking about ways to enhance your performance at a sport. Your osteopathic doctor can help with that too by recommending:

  • Dietary and nutritional counseling, to help you and your body function at your very best
  • Customized exercise regimens, to enhance specific muscle groups used in your sport
  • Exercises and activities to help prevent sports injuries in the future

Want To Know More About How Your Osteopathic Doctor Can Help With a Sports Injury?

To find out more about rehabilitation and performance enhancement services from your osteopathic doctor, talk with your osteopathic doctor today.

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