Holistic Approaches to Health: Osteopathy and Wellness

Instead of visiting a doctor and having them treat your symptoms, you may want to consider an osteopathic approach. With osteopathy, your doctor looks at your body as a whole and not just as a series of symptoms. There are also many holistic methods that your doctor can recommend instead of just medications. It’s important to talk to your osteopath to find out what your options are and how osteopathy could help you.

What To Know About Holistic Care and Osteopathy

Osteopathy is a field of medicine that uses more holistic care to treat various issues that you may be dealing with. Instead of having your doctor only prescribe medication to deal with specific symptoms, osteopathy can help look at what the root problem is and how it can be treated. There are several types of treatments and therapies that your doctor may recommend, depending on what your issue might be.

An osteopath typically uses a holistic approach and can use manipulation to help relieve pain and issues that might be plaguing you. This could include using massage techniques, stretching, or spinal manipulation to help with issues like back pain. They can also walk you through different exercises that you can do at home to relieve pain.

Other holistic methods could include acupuncture, physical therapy, and rest. It’s important to understand how your osteopath might treat your pain and that your entire body is connected. This means that you might be dealing with pain in your back, and your doctor recommends exercises focused on your feet. It’s important to continue exercises even when your pain is gone so that you can continue to strengthen your body and keep pain at bay.

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