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MARCH 24, 2020 UPDATE:


As many of you are aware, yesterday brought yet more changes in testing protocol. Per the new recommendations:  People with mild symptoms consistent with COVID-19 do NOT need testing and are instructed to stay at home to recover. Mild symptoms are defined as fever and cough without any of the following: shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, chest discomfort, altered thinking, cyanosis. The rationale behind these latest changes is to decrease acceleration of spread in the community and exposures in healthcare settings, to preserve resources, alternate surveillance tools can be used to track the spread and the management for most people will not be impacted given a test will not change the supportive, symptom focused treatment. 

If you DO have severe symptoms, please call for further instruction. As always, however, if a true emergency, call 911.

See for more information.

Brunswick Family Medicine remains available for acute care and routine follow-up care, however we have switched over to a telemedicine platform allowing for video conferencing for these visits.  The goal is to decrease exposure to patients that still need to come in and/or our staff.  Please keep your lab appointments and continue to follow the CALL FROM YOUR CAR protocol when you arrive.  For the telemedicine visit, our staff will be in touch with you to verify the time and date of your virtual appointment, as well as determine how you wish to be provided the link for your visit (by text or email).  The requirements for telemedicine visits are a device that has camera and a microphone capabilities such as a smartphone, tablet, or computer.  If you have an upcoming appointment, please be prepared to advise us which you will use. 

While we understand that some face to face, in office, visits will be necessary we have designated the afternoons from 1pm – 3pm for symptomatic patients.  Again we will continue the CALL FROM YOUR CAR protocol when you arrive.           


MARCH 20, 2020 UPDATE:

Another update from Brunswick Family Medicine with some very important announcements given the ever evolving protocols surrounding COVID-19.

Pursuant to the CDC advice to reschedule non-urgent outpatient visits, all annual wellness exams must be delayed and rescheduled. These visits will be redesignated as regular follow up visits to discuss labs and manage chronic conditions. Scheduled appointments will be converted to a telemedicine format as much as possible. You can expect to hear from our office prior to your next visit to arrange for the appropriate platform.

Some face to face visits will be necessary. Beginning March 23rd, face to face morning appointments will be allotted for healthy, asymptomatic patients only. If you have respiratory symptoms or an acute issue and it is determined that you should be seen and/or tested, we will schedule you in the afternoon between 1pm and 3pm. For all in office appointments we will continue to follow the CALL FROM YOUR CAR protocol as described in previous emails.  

We understand that this is very, very different and changing our lives in this manner is not a simple undertaking. It is imperative that you take these precautions to heart.  We do not say this to be alarmist but many of you are considered among at risk populations. Your best defense is to STAY HOME. Go out only as absolutely necessary. 

As always, we will continue to update you as necessary.  THANK YOU for being so patient with us and understanding during these uncharted times.


MARCH 16, 2020 Update:

Given the current information surrounding COVID-19 is changing literally by the hour, please bear with us as we strive to adapt and share information as it comes in. As we are sure most of you are aware, COVID-19 is a virus and there is no treatment for it. To protect vulnerable populations and attempt to suppress its spread, social distancing is among the very few things we can all do to do our part. For that reason, Brunswick Family Medicine is taking our protocols very seriously and we ask that all of you do as well. 

Therefore, BEFORE ENTERING THE OFFICE please call us from your car:

If you do not get through to the front desk, you may text your INITIALS and DATE OF BIRTH to 910-363-6107 and someone will call you right back. If symptomatic, our clinical staff will triage you from there, otherwise we will place you in the cue and notify you when it is time for you to come inside.

It is important to keep regularly scheduled appointments for chronic disease management and other acute issues. BFM staff is observing all universal precautions and by keeping interactions among patients limited, will help keep all of us that much less likely to spread COVID-19.

While we are doing everything we can possibly do within our offices to protect all of us, it is imperative that you also do your part which means staying home as much as possible and exercising extreme caution while in public spaces: avoiding symptomatic persons, touching as few surfaces as possible, avoid touching your face and washing your hands or disinfecting them as soon as you leave a public space. 

While we are all likely to experience cabin fever, there are things in which you can participate that might help alleviate some of the boredom: 

The Metropolitan Opera will stream operas for free:

Tour Yellowstone National Park:

Travel to France and visit The Louvre virtually:

Visit the zoo by checking out live cams at places like the San Diego Zoo, Monteray Bay Aquarium, the Panda Cam at Zoo Atlanta, 6 different animal cams at the Houston Zoo, visit the belugas at the Georgia Aquarium… you get the idea!

Stay tuned. We will give you more information as we have it and THANK YOU for helping all of us do our part during these uncharted times.

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