Osteopathic Medicine and Chronic Conditions: Managing Long-Term Health Issues

When you’re dealing with a chronic condition, it can impact how you feel every day. You might deal with constant pain and not be able to find the relief that you need. You may try several types of treatments without any luck. This can impact how you function each day and you must be able to find ways to deal with your chronic condition. Osteopathic medicine looks at your body as a whole instead of focusing on the symptoms and can help your doctor find the root cause of your pain, giving you the relief that you need to feel your best again.

Managing Chronic Conditions With Osteopathy

When you’re dealing with a chronic condition, it can be difficult to find relief from daily pain. Different conditions can cause different symptoms and aren’t always curable. Common chronic conditions include:

  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • Arthritis
  • Asthma

When you’re constantly dealing with irritation from your symptoms, you might find that it affects your overall emotional health as well as your physical health. Osteopaths use a more holistic approach to treat your issues. Instead of just treating the active symptoms, your osteopath looks for the root cause of your problems and finds the best treatment for that.

When you’re dealing with migraines or pain caused by a chronic condition, your osteopath can use manipulative medicine to relieve tension in your body and in turn, relieve the pain caused by that tension. Your osteopath can also help promote preventive care and help you avoid future illnesses that could be caused by your chronic condition. When you make changes in your lifestyle, you may also find that it helps to ease your symptoms and helps you feel your best!

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